Held-Up At Knife-Point, Placa Catalunya

March 23, 2011
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Xavi Granda shares a terrifying story on our Facebook wall: “My wife was held-up with a knife yesterday at Plaza Cataluña at 9.30am. She was blocked on the stairs of Ferrocarriles by three thugs.” Tell me it’s not getting worse.

We had a wave of comments about this, not least because of the presence of a troll in the thread (however I think the troll has since deleted his statements), it went as follows:

Raimonda Dauginyte
On monday in paseo de GRACIA metro 3 plataforma about 21h. -I observed a group of 10 romania men how they try to rob the people/ woman on the escalator….It make me furious and I can´t do nothing…. but that is Barcelona…
23 March at 11:41 · Like ·  2 people

Tiffany Carter
Rage. Aren’t there cameras observing the stairs/escalators?
23 March at 11:52 · Like

Juan D. Ablo
indeed do the cameras and the constant announcements bringing attention to them serve any purpose… hardly
23 March at 11:54 · Like

Brian Reedy
Every morning when I transfer from L3 to renfe at Passeig de Gràcia, the same group of robbers are entering as we exit the little gates–we all have to go to work, but only some of us have to pay taxes (and the metro ticket)….
23 March at 12:15 · Like

Stephen McQuinn
Barcelona is fast becoming or indeed has become like NYC of the 80’s and 90’s..It is time for the people of Spain to lobby politicians and pressurise the police into introducing a zero tolerance policing practice.The “broken window” strategy of the NY police has reduced crime and turned a once dangerous city into a thriving and safe tourist friendly city once again
23 March at 12:28 · Like ·  3 people

Laura Gómez Barroso
frankly, this is so sad, visitors and citizens are so vulnerable
23 March at 12:34 · Like

Jeremy Montoya
Don’t come here! We rob a lot! Choose another destiny plz!!!!
23 March at 12:47 · Like ·  4 people

Raimonda Dauginyte
and the most interesting thing is – as I went to pl. cataluna , and saw a security guy told him about the situacion in paseo de Gracia, but he… doesn´t care about it…..I got ” ok, thx”, ….thx for what????
23 March at 12:49 · Like

Richie Thomas
dont come here, lol, odd thing to say
23 March at 12:51 · Like

Sean Needham
I doubt this would change until BCN loses something like the Mobile Congress through it. As long as the glossy image portrayed to the tourists isn’t broken, and the money keeps rolling in, no one will say anything or do anything.
23 March at 12:55 · Like ·  1 person

Ian Peeke
its not going to change until robbers are dealt with properly
23 March at 13:04 · Like ·  3 people

Stuart Palmer
Barcelona will loose the mobile congress… but not because of this,but because the telecommunication network in Spain is a friggin joke, (expensive too). Guys, you have to remember, nicking and stealing are integral to the cultural landscape here… from Lazarillo de Tormes to Cas Palau… its depressing, and yes, getting far, far worse.
23 March at 13:29 · Like ·  1 person

Ian Peeke
i wont lie it is getting worse we all know it
23 March at 14:06 · Like

Jeremy Montoya
‎’don’t come here’ is the solution. Recomend your family & friends to go elsewhere. Well, stuart palmer is the kinda dickhead i’d rob, he can come here. Besides… seems this smart ass knows a lot about our culture…¬¬’
23 March at 17:42 · Like ·  1 person

Mariano Acon ‎
@Raimonda, I saw others in the hall between the L1 and L3, I saw changing the direction looking for victims 3 times….when I went out the Security guy was upstairs just having a nice chat with the Metro girl
23 March at 21:09 · Like ·  1 person

Mariano Acon
But as our major would say…’These are just isolated cases’ In one month we will have elections and now all the candidates have a Facebook profile I would ask to the moderator of this group to invite the major candidates to join us. Are they going to accept??? Would they be able if they win to not recognize that they know the real situation?
23 March at 21:13 · Like

I know someone who got robbed in Barcelona
Mariano, would you be so kind as you list the candidates and I will find their Facebook profiles, and invite them.
23 March at 21:29 · Like

Stuart Palmer
Victor Inox, prou mes del que et penses. Això si, dickhead tu, si vols…
23 March at 21:31 · Like ·  1 person

Stuart Palmer
Xavier Trias (CiU), Jordi Hereu (PSC), Jordi Portabella (ERC), Alberto Férnandez Diaz (PPC)… there are more
23 March at 21:33 · Like

Stuart Palmer
Ricard Gomà (Iniciativa Verds)
23 March at 21:34 · Like

Mariano Acon
Si, pero que se’ls convidi a unir-se al grup a veure si tenen collons d’acceptar / Yes, the names we already know them, but the idea would be to invite them to join the group, let’s see if they have balls to do it.
23 March at 21:57 · Like

Renée Grupp
Yes it’s getting worse and will continue to do so until thieves and muggers are caught and jailed. Now they can just act with impunity.
23 March at 22:32 · Like ·  1 person

Jeremy Montoya
Long live the robbers!
23 March at 22:46 · Like

Luke McEvoy
25 March at 13:10 · Like

Richie Thomas
Victor Inox, what a braindead idiot
25 March at 18:09 · Like

Ian Peeke
victor you re a joke surely ? not a funny one or a clever one you think its funny that women cant walk in your city wihthout fear ? it really does show me the 3 groups to blame
31 March at 19:43 · Like

Ian Peeke
a the robbers
31 March at 19:43 · Like

Ian Peeke
b the people who do nothing
31 March at 19:43 · Like

Ian Peeke
c the police and judges who could nt give a fuck
31 March at 19:44 · Like

Ian Peeke
hey victor next time your d jing a set i reckon your shit might just get robbbed or you might just get knocked the fuck out and i might just laugh at the karma of it see you at your next gig !!!!
31 March at 19:47 · Like

Ian Peeke
everyone please come and see viktor inox dj and laugh at victims of crime …………….until he becomes one …very soon dont forget your laptop …
31 March at 19:48 · Like
I know someone who got robbed in Barcelona Victor has posted a new comment to the wall. At the top.
31 March at 21:01 · Like

Ian Peeke
no he hasnt as far as i can see theres no viktor anymore
31 March at 21:56 · Like

Ian Peeke
now is he gonna carry on mocking victims of crime and championing the robbers if he was a target?? his rapid departure and removal of photo tells me he s not as brave or clever as he thinks he is laughing at female victims of crime and generally mocking other s suffering jejejejeeje viktor adeu parlarem pronte ……

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