Good News: Ten Violent Robbers Arrested

March 28, 2011
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Some good news. Arrested: Ten violent robbers, together previously arrested 257 times for robbery with violence. Scroll to 45 seconds into video for two short clips. Audio in Catalan.

Comments here. Focussed on the immediate release of some of the ten.

Brian Reedy
now the idea is to keep them off the streets….
28 March at 17:35 · Like

Saul Zambia
How soon before they are released again?
28 March at 17:36 · Like ·  1 person

Brian Reedy
I’ll probably see them in the passeig de gracia metro tomorrow morning, getting ready for another hard day’s work
28 March at 17:37 · Like ·  5 people

Gemma Cordonet
I jo em pregunto…Com és que la justicia ha permès que acumulin 257 delictes?
28 March at 17:42 · Like ·  4 people

I know someone who got robbed in Barcelona
Gemma asks, how is it that justice permits that 257 crimes be accumulated?
28 March at 17:44 · Like ·  1 person

Saul Zambia
Er. It’s called Barcelona. Brown envelopes. Sub-500 Euro robbers.. Shall we go on?
28 March at 17:57 · Like

Mariano Acon
Don’t be too happy they said that has been arrested but anyone believe that they will go to prison??? Let me doubt it. This is how the justice and police works, no facts, just news. My question is will it have something to see that elections are coming to show such eficacy?
28 March at 18:19 · Like

Sonia Bermejo
yo diría que si son extranjeros se les extradite ya!
28 March at 18:20 · Like ·  2 people

Que pasa, que si no lo son, ¿son mejores? ¿Entonces se quedan?
28 March at 18:54 · Like ·  1 person

Luke McEvoy
can we keep a record of their face so we can kick em?
28 March at 19:47 · Like ·  1 person

Tim Rubes
Knights Johnson pity it wasn’t 256 times ago they were arrested….
28 March at 20:12 · Like ·  3 people

Jaime Fernández García
ELECTIONS!!!! Need I say more. Remember BTV is a public television station owned by the city council. DON´T BELIEVE THE HYPE
28 March at 20:41 · Like ·  2 people

Ralf Dellen
I hope they stay in jail for a long time!
28 March at 21:52 · Like

Luke McEvoy
in the paper this morning. 4 have been released already!

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