Barcelona The Leader… In Crime Tuition

March 31, 2011
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‎”Once Again, Barcelona is the Leader” (opinion article in Spanish in today’s La Vanguardia). “Barcelona has become a great school to learn how to steal … here, combining theory and practice, day after day, they improve their skills … the dream of many thieves in Eastern Europe is to pursue a ‘Masters’ in Barcelona.”

Here’s the first paragraph, in Spanish: “Barcelona no sólo es amparo de los extranjeros, archivo de cortesía, la gran hechicera, ciudad de congresos y ferias, y emporio de Gaudí para disfrute de los guiris, sino que se ha convertido también en una gran escuela para aprender a robar. Hay grupos de rumanos que captan en su país a carteristas principiantes, los traen a Barcelona y aquí, a base de una sabia combinación de teoría y práctica, día a día mejoran sus habilidades. Igual que el sueño de muchos licenciados en Biología es acabar cursando un master en una universidad norteamericana de prestigio, el sueño de muchos ladrones de Europa del Este es cursar un máster en Barcelona. Las clases se imparten sobre todo en el metro, en las líneas L1 y L3 (entre Passeig de Gràcia y Poble Sec) y la aceptación es tal que, necesitados de nuevas aulas, han ampliado territorio y cada vez más dan clase en la L5, sobre todo en Sagrada Família, estación muy frecuentada por los turistas.”

Tiffany again kindly translated the article, and it’s here.

It goes like this: “Barcelona is not just a harbor for foreigners, the very embodiment of civility, the great enchantress, a city of trade fairs and conventions and a Gaudí emporium for the enjoyment of tourists but has also become a great academy for learning how to steal. There are groups of Romanians who recruit novice pickpockets in their country, bring them to Barcelona and here, through a judicious combination of theory and practice, work to improve their skills day after day. Just as the dream of many Biology majors is to pursue a master’s degree at a prestigious American university, the dream of many Eastern European thieves is to pursue a master’s degree in Barcelona. Classes are taught mainly on metro lines L1 and L3 (between Passeig de Gràcia and Poble Sec), and demand is such that they have expanded their territory in search of new classrooms and increasingly give class on line L5, especially in the Sagrada Família station which is heavily frequented by tourists.”

Comments went like this:

Brian Reedy
lo unico que les falta: subvenciones para hacer el curso
31 March at 14:28 · Like ·  3 people

Anthony Grande
Probably gives better life skills than the tripe of not questioning the education they recieve in normal schools without question. Maybe esade can follow suit?
31 March at 16:45 · Like ·  1 person

Javi Rodя Íguәz
If I didn’t know any better, I would just say that what’s written in that article couldn’t simply be true. It’s almost fiction. Sadly, though, it ain’t.
31 March at 17:49 · Like

Tiffany Carter
I have translated this article into English and made it publicly viewable:
31 March at 21:06 · Like ·  1 person
I know someone who got robbed in Barcelona Well done.
31 March at 21:32 · Like

Gary Darling
Well, they should go and try for a PhD with Deutsche Bank. They stole €40 from me yesterday. No valid explanation. Told me if I didn´t like it I could fuck off. They didn´t say that exactly but that is what they meant. I am angry, but not at all surprised. MacDonald´s in San Boi tried to charge me for a large menu earlier though I didn´t ask for one and at breakfast this morning the waitress tried to short change me by 10€. A normal day in Barcelona.
31 March at 21:35 · Like

Anthony Daniel Jacobson Rivero
I just got a 300€ parking ticket for unknowingly parking my scooter in a place that isn’t allowed and I’m not a robber. Robbers do evil on purpose and get away with it practically scot free. Something is wrong with the polices priorities when they drastically punish basically law abiding citizens for parking mistakes yet real scummy criminals and delinquents get away with what ever they want. Life is not fair
31 March at 23:47 · Like ·  1 person

Samrai Chukka
I just got raped by a swan while doing a shit on a gravestone.How rude.
01 April at 04:56 · Like ·  3 people

Luke McEvoy
sorry gary and anthony but the comment from samrai is just too funny!
01 April at 18:21 · Like ·  1 person

Tiffany Carter
I was thinking about this group today… What do you think of starting a blog to accompany this page? I could translate more articles–I started the one from Monday after I did this one–and it could offer helpful information… what to do when you are robbed, an outline of the existing Spanish laws regarding this, perhaps a petition to change the penal code… Interested?
02 April at 17:36 · Like ·  7 people

Dustin Langan
Tiffany has a fine idea.
02 April at 17:39 · Like ·  1 person
I know someone who got robbed in Barcelona Tiffany, I’m happy to liaise with anyone with energy and a good idea. :) One note of caution. I chose to create this group/page on Facebook because there was a readymade audience here, and a snowball effect (of comments or contributions) fo…
See more
03 April at 22:27 · Like

Juan Felipe Tamayo Velasquez
mientras mas dias mas ladrones y menos turistas.
03 April at 23:16 · Like

Samrai Chukka
Forgive me.I thought this was I got raped in Barcelona..consider yourself lucky,its all about perspective people.
04 April at 00:24 · Like

Tiffany Carter
I was thinking that the blog could be a complement to the group. Facebook is great for the reasons you mention, but one thing is that not everyone is on Facebook (I have numerous friends who say they object to it on principle) and another i…
See more
04 April at 17:48 · Like ·  2 people

Tiffany Carter
p.s. I think that some blogs can also be set to post updates here like twitter and tumblr.
04 April at 17:49 · Like ·  1 person

I know someone who got robbed in Barcelona
You are convincing, Tiffany.
04 April at 17:54 · Like

I know someone who got robbed in Barcelona
Email address can be found at the address
04 April at 18:05 · Like

I know someone who got robbed in Barcelona
By the way, Tiffany has convinced me. We’re working on it right now. (Yes, at 2.30am!)


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