TeleCinco Footage of Pickpockets in Barcelona

April 21, 2011
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Lots of good pickpocketing footage (see below) from a recent TeleCinco news piece of pickpockets within the Barcelona metro system.

Quotes worth repeating:

“20,000 arrests in one year in the metro system of Barcelona alone.”

“150 pickpockets work on the system, working in teams of five, six or seven people.”

“Targets are tourists, not just because they’re less suspicious, but also because they’re less likely to bring an incident to court.”

“Different nationalities have different metro lines they consider their own. In Sants Estacio it’s Maghrebis, in Passeig de Gracia it’s Romas and Latin Americans reserve line one.”

Thanks to Nacho de Ramón for sharing the video.

2 Responses to TeleCinco Footage of Pickpockets in Barcelona

  1. Denú Molehands on May 18, 2011 at 9:57 am

    Seeing this and feeling my blood boil I think that what the police should do is the following: given that the laws don’t allow them to puth them in jail and there are released just 20 minutes later, let’s make those 20 minutes hellish. And by hellish I mean severe beating. You do that for a month and they’re gonna tell each other that Barcelona is not the pickpocket paradise that used to be. Problem solved.

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