Robbed in Barcelona Profiled in El Singular Digital

May 18, 2011
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A hat tip to Jaume Clotet over at El Singular Digital for his article this morning profiling our blog and movement.

There article can be read in full (in Catalan) here:

Jaume is a journalistic collaborator with AVUI, Público, Ara and TV3, so we’re glad he’s interested in this topic. See below for a partial screenshot of the article.

Here’s a rough (our translator is on holidays!) translation of his article into English:

“Some time ago I thought through an idea in my head about creating ​​a website in English, which would warn the world population that Barcelona, ​​regardless of Gaudi, the Ramblas, Barça, ​​the sangria and flamenco (make no mistake), is also the perfect place to be attacked. As a Barcelonean, I’m truly ashamed to live in a city where a fifth of its population has been the victim of a crime and where hundreds of tourists are robbed every day without our politicians worrying a whole lot about it.

Luckily, someone else had the same idea and had more momentum to bring it into being. The result is, an excellent website about insecurity in Barcelona. The blog states, and it’s further affirmed in their Twitter, that they intend to use the Internet and the English language to embarrass, on an international level, Barcelona’s local authorities into doing something about the problem. Fantastic. Let it run.

The website allows everyone to detail their specific cases or explain their own experiences. In addition, there are guest posts where the author asks interesting questions such as: “Why Should the Honest Adapt to Survive?” Suffice to say that the blog author is proactive. Via Twitter they questioned the five main candidates for mayor of Barcelona on this issue and received responses from four of them. The only one who did not responded is the current mayor, Jordi Hereu, demonstrating that his 2.0 world consultants didn’t earn their salary. Face to the wall with no dessert.

An unsafe city is an unjust and uninhabitable city. We shouldn’t think it normal that many Barceloneans cross the street if they see something strange that worries them, or that many women have to carry their bags in such a way that it can’t be snatched by a passing motorcyclist. It shouldn’t be normal to have many friends whose motorcycle parked on the street got stolen, or read that there are criminals who accumulate hundreds of arrests without ever being sent to prison. It shouldn’t be normal that the police sets free a thief  knowing (knowing!) that he will steal from some poor innocent in just a few hours.”

(c) Jaume Clotet, El Singular Digital, 18/05/2011

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