Beware New Bank ATM Scam

May 21, 2011
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Justin was kind enough to tell us over on our Facebook group about an incident involving someone he knows. It went like this:

“Different kind of scam happening near Plaza Espana bank machines. A contact of mine had his card swallowed after the machine was tampered with or manipulated. There was a neat sticker on the machine with a service number for emergencies or problems. Of course its a fake number but was answered very professionally and they requested bank details and pin numbers (Banks NEVER ask for pin numbers). My contact lost €2000. They fabricate fake cards with the details within hours, while you think your card has been canceled.”

Foto: Aaron Poffenberger

Yes, yes, someone will come in here in a few hours and say >> This has been happening for years!! << but it’s the first time we’ve encountered it running in Barcelona – plus it happened this week – so we’re going to write about it!

One Response to Beware New Bank ATM Scam

  1. stephen on June 9, 2011 at 10:45 am

    It has baffled me for years how slow the cash machine scams were to arrive. There are several and have been very successful in UK and Ireland for years. Spain is ridiculously vulnerable in so many places. The newest Metro ticket machines in Madrid still don´t require a pin to purchase, at least BCN have got on top of that one, which is a baffling simple example

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