“Farts de Furts” Video, TV3. Features “Robbed in Barcelona”

February 1, 2012
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Catalan broadcaster TV3 produced a documentary (below) entitled “Farts de Furts” (loosely translated, “fed-up with robbery”), first broadcast in May 2010.

The documentary includes some shots from our Facebook group “Robbed in Barcelona”, not to be confused with another Facebook group started by Carmen Oko, who is interviewed.

The documentary’s emphasis is on police pursuit of specific individuals who are reponsible for multiple robberies.

The video shows an incident in Placa Catalunya, where a bag is stolen from a group of visiting Italian students. The police witness the incident and catch up with the robbers on a street linking Carrer Fontanella and Carrer Comtal.

Judge Josep Maria Miquel, interviewed in the piece believes that the €180 fine issued to those who steal without violence (“furts”) isn’t helpful, because it requires that the criminals steal again to cover the expense.

The video is in Catalan, those who don’t speak it will have to make do with the above descriptions and the images contained within.

It takes a minute to load-up, so be patient with it. (If it won’t load, go here.)

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  1. Joan on February 11, 2012 at 12:33 am

    Fins als collons d´aquesta gentusa.

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