January 01 to July 31, 2012: 1,565 Motorcycles Stolen in Barcelona

September 5, 2012
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Foto: Amy Gahran

It’s not just the tourists that suffer.

El Periodico ran a story recently about the 1,565 motorcycles that have been stolen in the city of Barcelona in the seven months to the end of July 31st 2012.

That’s seven per day.




The article runs with a short video, which can be viewed in all its glory, here:

The girl in the piece explains that she goes to the trouble of parking her moto in front of popular shops such as Mango, because she knows that they have cameras in place and it might offer some more security to her motorcycle. The two guys in the piece explain the locks required to keep their motorcycles safe.

The article itself notes that Barcelona is the Spanish city with the largest number of stolen motorcycles.

Supposedly one in every seven people who live in Barcelona has a motorcycle. A staggering statistic.

The article also reveals: “”Most of the bikes stolen are sent abroad, mainly in Morocco. Many others are broken up and its parts are used as replacements,” said police inspector Pere Guillén.

Most popular amongst thieves are the Honda SH and Yamaha XP 500 simply because they are more common, meaning their parts are worth more on the black and grey markets. A stolen motorcycle is worth about €1,500 on the black market.

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