Barcelona’s Bicing Bicycle Burglary

September 7, 2012
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Foto: Fernando Rodríguez

Continuing a display of contempt for society, robbers have turned their attention to the public bicycle system in Barcelona. It is under attack as evidenced by a trio of tweets issued by bicing, the company that runs the service.

The three tweets sent on August 27th show that bicing has identified that thieves are putting coins (or similar) inside the anchoring slots at the return stations and when a bicycle is returned – though the user believes they have returned it correctly – the bicycle can be extracted again by the thief.

It’s unclear if the bicycle user is thereafter fined for not returning it correctly or how bicing deals with the issue. We expect however the individual suffers, as usual. Making this more likely is that while bicing is a superb initiative, they are complete disasters at managing their service.

Still, it’s further evidence that nothing is safe in this city, even that which is anchored down and locked.

Thanks to D from our Facebook group for pointing us to this story.

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One Response to Barcelona’s Bicing Bicycle Burglary

  1. trebots on September 7, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    Happened to me and – surprise surprise – it’s massive in the Raval paragraph 3. And they’ve just discovered it. Yeah, right. Probably more like someone is threatening them with lawyers.

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