Casino Experience in Barcelona

October 5, 2012
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Spain is often an attractive destination for taking a holiday. Located on the Iberian Peninsula, the country features a rather pleasant climate. There are many top cities within the country that are ideal for a holiday. One of these is the city of Barcelona, in Catalunya, which is located in the northeast along the coast. Many travellers find Barcelona an ideal place to visit as it is a modern day city with an abundance of ancient architecture and sights. The city also offers modern forms for entertainment for guests. Among these would include casino gambling.

While there are many casinos located across Spain, there is only one within the city of Barcelona. Located within the centre of the Olympic Marina, The Casino de Barcelona features an impressive 33,000 square feet of casino gaming floor. In this space, there are a total of 219 slot machine games and 45 table games. This is actually a large ratio of table games to slot machine games. The Casino Barcelona is known most for its poker playing. The casino offers daily poker tournaments which attract many players. One distinct feature of these tournaments is that they offer levelled play. This means that if you’re a new player you can actually enter a poker tournament designed for others with your same level of experience.

While poker may be tops at the Casino de Barcelona, it is definitely not the only game you can find. Other table games that are found here include: baccarat, mini baccarat, roulette, and blackjack and la boule. Slot machines can also be found here. Gamblers at the Casino de Barcelona should also consider enjoying the delectable cuisine. A buffet dinner is served nightly. The dinner revolves around a particular type of cuisine. In keeping with this theme, live music related to the country from which the cuisine comes is played as well. If you would like to try some of the online casino games, go to where you can find some of the most popular games out there.

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