Danger on the AP7 – Foreign Vehicles Targetted

November 13, 2012
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The AP7, the motorway than runs around Barcelona, taking traffic from France down towards the south eastern corner of Spain.

It has developed a reputation over the years as being dangerous for foreign-registered vehicles.

Let’s take a sorry tale posted by a mobilehome driver and user of the UK website “Out and About Live“:

I was on the AP7 Autopista just past Barcelona and not long after leaving a Service Station to refuel, a French registered car passed me with the driver and passenger frantically waving and indicating me to pull over. As I had a back box on the rear I wondered if they had spotted something wrong with that. They pulled directly in front of me and reversed their car back to me.

Two lads (mid 20’s) approached and said “parlez vous francais” to which I replied “non” and then one in very broken english told me there was a problem with my o/s rear wheel. Of course I got out to look but could see nothing wrong. Then he began to let air out saying it was too high. I told him to stop immediately what he was doing and that I would check myself at the next Service Station. His colleague seemed very agitated and I noticed he had one hand in his pocket the whole time.

They then returned to their car but as they drove off I saw a third youth sitting in the back. When they had pulled me over I had only seen two people, driver and passenger.

As they drove off I looked to the back seat of my van where to my horror I saw my jacket containing two wallets with cash had gone. I realised then what had been done.

They had everything……….cash, credit and debit cards, Passport, Driving Licence and all photo id. I lost the lot. And it probably took no longer than three to four minutes.

If you visit the above link you’ll quickly discover that there are many many experiences similar to this and there is an intense sense of anger regarding the disinterest shown by police authorities.

You want to see how crimes like this are done? Here are a few videos:

If you want to get a sense for the amount of money, jewellery and electronics stolen in this way, have a look at this:

The problem persists today.

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One Response to Danger on the AP7 – Foreign Vehicles Targetted

  1. Phyllis on November 14, 2012 at 5:28 am

    My hubby also got this experience near Sants station, BCN, during his business trip in early of April this year. They opened the next door to steal his handcarry bag (include id card, credit card, wallet, iPad, map, cash and his business journey schedule paper). As he didn’t know the location of police station, so he drove to hotel to check in first, and intended to ask the front desk of hotel about the actual location of police station. When he stayed in the hotel around 30mins, suddenly police called him in his hotel room! Amazing!!! The police told him they could find his bag, then my hubby immediately went to the police station. As the result, he lost nothing! Everything is still in his bag, unbelievable! No doubt the police is very efficient and my hubby is so lucky by this case.

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