Welcome to the 2013 Season

May 26, 2013
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  1. david brock on June 24, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    Ok – Plaza San Pedro last week …. I think it was Tuesday …. or Wednesday? I go into the Farmacia to get some bits & pieces & I see the girl that works there trying to explain in broken English the properties of some cream to a tall, elegantly dressed tourist. I help out a bit & translate & then notice the guys wife sitting on the chair beside me applying a plaster to her elbow. It turns out that she’s just had a €1,300 Gold chain snatched off her neck outside in the Plaza no more than 5 minutes earlier. They’re really nice people & weren’t going to report it & do the whole denuncia process (strangely, it turns out that they had no Insurance) . Anyway, I explained to them that it was really important that they did & explained to them where to make the denuncia & wrote them directions & a small report naming the location of where they were robbed etc.
    They thanked me , took my e-mail address & left . This morning I received this – I’ve edited out the names for privacy purposes :

    To : David Brock, Barcelona

    Hello David,

    You remember you helped us in the pharmacy after having an attack on my wife when her necklace was stolen.
    First I will thank you for the spontaneous help by giving us the coordinates of the place of crime that day.
    We met a police car just after the corner; of course the language problem was an handicap, but they gave us not a sign they were prepared to help us, only saying we had first to go to a clinic and afterwards to a police station, without concrete data of these sites.
    We were taking a taxi who drove us to a clinic, and after the clinic we went to the police station in a side street of the Via Drassanes.
    After waiting for a long time, as they were calling a translator, we were heard.
    I recognized the one who did the crime and the criminal police toke it apparently serious, we were in the police station from about 17:45h until 22:15h.
    As we did’nt have an insurance it was not that important for us to declare the assault, but I did do it for the habitants of Barcelona as they are victims as well.
    After a down day we could enjoyed the rest of our vacancy without to much troubles. We only had that taxi driver driving us to the airport; counter value was 35,8€ and he asked 45€ without any explanation for that extra. As he would’nt accept a credit card, while it was mentioned that we could, this gave us again the impression of corruption.
    After all we had a good impression of Barcelona; I only hope the touristic services will warn the tourists better about the dangers you take, for example bearing necklaces etc.
    So thanks again and wish you a further good ( and safe !) life in Barcelona.



    I think that you’ll agree , that this is a pretty dire reflection on the treatment meted out to a victim of crime in a busy, heavily touristed European city. Pathetic really….

    Anyway, hope that you publish this…. if necessary edit as you like & how you see fit .

    David Brock

  2. david brock on June 24, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    …. The couple were Belgian btw ….

  3. Gaffer on July 22, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    I,m just back from a few days in Andorra where I managed to purchase a stun gun and CS gas , sucessfully I got it through the check points and now I,m ready give the theives a “ZAPdinho” !!

  4. Sebastian on October 14, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    Dear All,

    Funny how crime in Barcelona seems to be so obvious.
    Me and my wife had a wonderfull week in Barcelona in May 2013 despite the fact that I was robbed off an iphone.
    it was a bit of my fault as in the middle of the night near placa reial i was with my phone locking gps to guide us through maze of bari gothic streets.
    We sat down in a bar run by an Irishman and had few drinks (or more).
    As we had been renting an apartment just couple of blocks away we somehow managed to get back home.
    Next day my alarm was set on early morning wake up as our plane was departing at 10.
    I have realised i do not have a phone but it was too late to do anything as we literaly run for the airport.
    The only thing is someone called nearly 500€ worth calls to west africa. I have all the numbers and even talked to one of them.
    When back in my home country ni have reported it online with all the data i could have provided.
    No action was ever taken.
    But barcelona is my favourite EU destination. And now i know how to behave when having too much fun.
    Cheers to all.

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