Welcome to the 2013 Season

May 26, 2013
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Foto: Chris8800

It has been a quiet four months of 2013 to date.

So quiet in fact, we disappeared from the internet and decided to take a break.

Then, last week, in tandem with the onset of the summer tourist season, the e-mails started to arrive.

Robbery here, bag snatch there, stolen necklace here, bump and grab there.

And while we’re still taking a hiatus from the blogposts and site maintenance, we urge you to visit with caution.

True, things aren’t as bad as they once were, but bad things still continue to happen.

3 Responses to Welcome to the 2013 Season

  1. david brock on June 24, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    Ok – Plaza San Pedro last week …. I think it was Tuesday …. or Wednesday? I go into the Farmacia to get some bits & pieces & I see the girl that works there trying to explain in broken English the properties of some cream to a tall, elegantly dressed tourist. I help out a bit & translate & then notice the guys wife sitting on the chair beside me applying a plaster to her elbow. It turns out that she’s just had a €1,300 Gold chain snatched off her neck outside in the Plaza no more than 5 minutes earlier. They’re really nice people & weren’t going to report it & do the whole denuncia process (strangely, it turns out that they had no Insurance) . Anyway, I explained to them that it was really important that they did & explained to them where to make the denuncia & wrote them directions & a small report naming the location of where they were robbed etc.
    They thanked me , took my e-mail address & left . This morning I received this – I’ve edited out the names for privacy purposes :

    To : David Brock, Barcelona

    Hello David,

    You remember you helped us in the pharmacy after having an attack on my wife when her necklace was stolen.
    First I will thank you for the spontaneous help by giving us the coordinates of the place of crime that day.
    We met a police car just after the corner; of course the language problem was an handicap, but they gave us not a sign they were prepared to help us, only saying we had first to go to a clinic and afterwards to a police station, without concrete data of these sites.
    We were taking a taxi who drove us to a clinic, and after the clinic we went to the police station in a side street of the Via Drassanes.
    After waiting for a long time, as they were calling a translator, we were heard.
    I recognized the one who did the crime and the criminal police toke it apparently serious, we were in the police station from about 17:45h until 22:15h.
    As we did’nt have an insurance it was not that important for us to declare the assault, but I did do it for the habitants of Barcelona as they are victims as well.
    After a down day we could enjoyed the rest of our vacancy without to much troubles. We only had that taxi driver driving us to the airport; counter value was 35,8€ and he asked 45€ without any explanation for that extra. As he would’nt accept a credit card, while it was mentioned that we could, this gave us again the impression of corruption.
    After all we had a good impression of Barcelona; I only hope the touristic services will warn the tourists better about the dangers you take, for example bearing necklaces etc.
    So thanks again and wish you a further good ( and safe !) life in Barcelona.



    I think that you’ll agree , that this is a pretty dire reflection on the treatment meted out to a victim of crime in a busy, heavily touristed European city. Pathetic really….

    Anyway, hope that you publish this…. if necessary edit as you like & how you see fit .

    David Brock

  2. david brock on June 24, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    …. The couple were Belgian btw ….

  3. Gaffer on July 22, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    I,m just back from a few days in Andorra where I managed to purchase a stun gun and CS gas , sucessfully I got it through the check points and now I,m ready give the theives a “ZAPdinho” !!

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