Motorcyclist Yanks Cyclist from Bicycle, Steals Wet Towel

September 17, 2013
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Foto: Jon Jacob

A short story related to Robbed in Barcelona this evening by email, as follows:

I’m writing this on a friend’s behalf, since her English isn’t the best.
I present to you one of the most horrific getting robbed in Barcelona stories I have heard lately…
My friend, a petite blonde who has been living here for 5 years was biking through Poblenou on the way home from the beach one day (around 5pm). She was in the bike lane and had her beach bag on her right shoulder, the one exposed to the street. Suddenly a moped sped by and grabbed her bag, with her still attached to it. Her initial reaction was to hang on to the bag until she realized that she was being dragged on the asphalt and let go. The asshole got away with her bag that contained exactly 20 cents, a half empty water bottle, a damp towel and her wallet that only contained ID. The IDs were replaced, the cracked ribs healed, as did the road rash but it definitely killed our illusion that you are safe from the scum of this city if you are on a bike.
I think your website is important! Keep on fighting the good fight.

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One Response to Motorcyclist Yanks Cyclist from Bicycle, Steals Wet Towel

  1. Renée on September 18, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Unbelievable! Hope he enjoyed the wet towel. Poor girl.

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