Robber Holds Bag With Mouth to Make Escape

September 18, 2013
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A contribution arrived in the inbox of Robbed in Barcelona this morning and brought with it a piece of robbery artwork we hadn’t encountered in the past. Read on.

Foto: Chris8800

Foto: Chris8800

Yesterday I saw what I would call a “typical robbery in Barcelona”. Tourists should be aware of these methods, they are so easy to spot…

10:30 am, Barceloneta plaza filled with locals, tourists and some scum, as always. While I was walking through the plaza, I spotted two Maghrebis acting like when a cat sees a bird. They were focused on a couple of german tourists, having breakfast in a bench with their backpacks on the floor…
The move: one is on a bike and stops in front of the tourist, but in a position that they will lose the sight of one of their bags, and he asks for directions. The other one crawls, takes the bag, and start walking in the opposite direction, while holding the bag in his mouth (that way it seems that he is not carrying anything, as seen from the back)!
As I was walking by I warned the tourists but, to avoid trouble, I didn’t get to see if they recovered the bag.
This makes me sick…

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One Response to Robber Holds Bag With Mouth to Make Escape

  1. Zara on March 6, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    This doesn’t suprise me….I’ve been living in Barcelona for nearly 6 years now and I’ve seen quite a lot of things too. One of the most memorable is when one of my German friends was robbed on the beach during the nit de sant joan festivities in june. I basically got a knock at the door in the early morning only to find him standing there in his underwear! The poor thing had gone swimming in the sea and whilst he was sat down drying off one thief distracted him for a second while another ran off his trousers which contained all his money, keys and id cards……we had to change the door locks the same day……

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