Robber on Barcelona’s Subway: Friday, 17:55hrs Local Time

September 20, 2013
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This photo received in the last sixty seconds of a man who made a failed robbery attempt within the last two minutes on Barcelona’s subway system.


We’ll update you as more information arrives.


17:58hrs: Happening in Urquinaona metro.
17:59hrs: He has just gotten on a train on the red line from Urquinaona.
18:00hrs: The attempt involved trying to isolate the victim between two robbers, to distract.
18:02hrs: They were attempting to steal the bag. They communicated that the intended victim was intending to leave the train at that station. The intended victim was aware of what they were doing, however, so she maneuvered her way out of the situation.
18:04hrs: Robber, pictured, has a mobile which he’s pretending to speak into, white earphones and sunglasses. There are two in the team.
18:06hrs: Also carrying a plastic bag. Another photo coming-up.
18:09hrs: Intended victim had enough composure to take a few photos. This one shows the robber walking away.


One Response to Robber on Barcelona’s Subway: Friday, 17:55hrs Local Time

  1. rick tyndall on August 26, 2014 at 11:58 pm

    we got robbed same stop…..looks like the same guy ! the court date is this week ….shame ime not there to see the end of the pantomime that catalan justice seems to be ? ….maybe i speak to soon but i will be most supprised if the pickpocket that we caught red handed…and then offered to give us our money back whilst the proper police were present…they left two local police to sort the paper work and promised us our money back…as soon as they left they let the bloke go and no money …..”he has changed his mind” WTF ? it stinks to me …but i dont know anything about the justice system there so….this might be the way shit gets delt with there ? anyone else had a similar experience ?

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