Puncture in Barcelona? Beware!

October 8, 2013
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Foto: Dusan Putnik

Contribution from Dusan Putnik tonight on our Facebook group, replete with a photo of his slashed tyre.

On our way from the airport via Gran Via our right back tyre was punctured.
Two knife stabs from scooter guys following the car until we had to stop and change the tyre.
As we had to empty the boot to get to spare tyre, we dropped all our shoppings on the back seat.
While changing the tyre an old guy on scooter came and drove our attention by telling in Spanish all kinds of everything which we didn’t understand, but looking in his direction.
Meanwhile other guys emptied our car and drove away.
As we where finished with tyre we noticed than that our car was swept clean from all our expensive shoppings.
If you get in the same situation, my advice is that one takes care of the tyre and other keep an eye on the car and Barcelona Robbers, course you can’t lock the car while your boot is open.
Pay attention if going to BARCELONA.

3 Responses to Puncture in Barcelona? Beware!

  1. ttt on October 1, 2013 at 11:28 am

    Sorry for your loss!
    Some tips that might be helpful for protection:
    With most cars you CAN lock the car even if the boot is open. Do it if you have to stop and fiddle with the boot for any reason. Beware, though, and don’t put the keys inside the boot! Because locking the car when the boot is open usually means that when you subsequently slam the boot shut the car will be completely locked, so any key placed in the boot would be trapped.
    ALWAYS lock your car in BCN and if your car has it engage auto-power lock (recent cars usually have it). Then you don’t have to think about locking your car when driving, it will lock itself when you start to drive faster than 10km/h and stay locked. The car will disengage power lock automatically when you pull the door handle from the inside or in case of a crash.
    Check your car’s manual to find out how to set it up that way (eg. on Peugeot that feature is switched on by pressing and holding the power lock key for 3 seconds). Most Spanish/Italian/French people I know have their car set up this way – for good reason.

  2. Arne Bertelsen on October 1, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    Sorry to hear this. Our tire also got stabbed probably by scooter guy in red light at Glories and a “friendly” scooter guy pointed at my tire before Arc del Triumfo but I noticed the trick and waved to him. Realizing then he was right with the tire. But made it to the Midas on c. Meridiana in time and car was empty anyway. After six years with our old german registered car we now have a spanish reg. car and a lot less stress in El Borne when parking. Two times window smashed when parking in the street in six years. A shame – such a beatifull city.

  3. Bill on December 16, 2013 at 8:10 am

    Hi every body
    I have had a tyre slashed twice now in Barcelona after coming off the ferry done by a scooter and been robbed once is it not time the police or authorities did something about or at least had a number we could ring so we could be escorted out of Barceloa somebody will be killed soon or the tourist business will suffer and Spain will even less money coming in some thing needs to be done.

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