The Most Dangerous Places in Barcelona

November 2, 2014
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  2. Barcelona on March 20, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    I got robbed Saturday, 14.3. in a Starbucks-company, Placa de la Universidad, no 2. at about 5.30 p.m. in Barcelona, Spain. They stole a grey Jansport backpack, which included
    A laptop: Lenovo Thinkpad T540 p, serial nr. R90B4AE3
    1 Western Digital 2,5 Zoll-USB-3.0 portable, 1 TB
    1 Toshiba portable external hard drive (USB 3.0), 1 TB
    A novel by S. Collins “The Hunger Games”
    a blue notebook
    a Tedddy-key fob
    Of particular importance are for me my two western digital external, portable drives, because they contain very important data and pictures. I will offer a generous reward if someone finds them and is able to give them back to me, because I desperately need them. Please, let me know If you saw or found them. I will offer a very generous reward!!
    If you find something, please write me:
    (yo) llegué este sabado (14.3.) en Barcelona, Espana, onde me robaram en Starbucks, Placa de la Universidad, no 2. por volta das 5.30 una mochila Jansport, gris que tene
    un ordenador Lenovo Thinkpad T 540 p, no. serial: R90B4AE3
    1 disco duro portatil de Western Digital, 2,5, USB 3.0, 1 TB
    1 disco duro portatil de Toshiba, 2,5, USB 3.0, 1 TB
    una novela de S. Collins “The Hunger Games”
    un cuaderno azul
    un oso de peluche (el llavero)
    para mi los 2x discos duros son de major importancia porque los tenen informaciones y los datos irreemplazable .
    por eso yo doy una grande recompensa en caso de que algien los tiene y me da. En caso que algien los tiene, por favor me notifica ( Yo voi dar una grande recompensa en caso que yo reciebo al menos los discos duros!!!!

  3. Marcus1571 on May 4, 2015 at 12:48 am

    The website seems down. Too bad, I’d love to report the positions of all the crimes attempted or succeeded that in 8 years happened to me.

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