“Farts de Furts” Video, TV3. Features “Robbed in Barcelona”

February 1, 2012 1 Comment

Catalan broadcaster TV3 produced a documentary (below) entitled “Farts de Furts” (loosely translated, “fed-up with robbery”), first broadcast in May 2010. The documentary includes some shots from our Facebook group “Robbed in Barcelona”, not to be confused with another Facebook group started by Carmen Oko, who is interviewed. The documentary’s emphasis is on police...

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Guest Post: Barcelona’s “Ronaldinho”. Its Origin, its Execution.

January 30, 2012 4 Comments
"The Ronaldinho", demonstrated by Spanish TV station Cuatro.

Guest post by Bambi Vincent, thiefhunter Thieves who operate on the principles of stealth, motion, or impedence strive to minimize contact with their victim. Zero face-time is their preference. Minimal body contact, zero notice, zero recognition. Other pickpockets, though, cause contact and use it to their advantage. Bob Arno and I (we call ourselves...

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The Legality of Self-Defense Weapons in Spain. The Definitive Post.

January 27, 2012 23 Comments

We’ve been asked many times about self-defense measures, the legality of sprays and so on, so we thought we’d write an article about it. (Many thanks to Tiffany Carter for helping us work through the Spanish-language legalese; her translation skills were invaluable.) Please note, this is our interpretation of Spanish law and our understanding...

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Was Your Bicycle Stolen on January 23rd, 2012? We Have Photographic Evidence.

January 26, 2012 4 Comments

A “Robbed in Barcelona” contributor has sent us a photo he took on January 23rd, 2012 of three individuals he believes were stealing a number of bicycles. We’ve put a thin black strip across the eyes of the three, but if your bicycle was stolen that morning on the corner of Carrer del Comte d’Urgell and...

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Robbery in Barcelona Airport Leads to Passenger Missing Flight and Suing Ryanair

January 25, 2012 5 Comments

As reported in Público (which doesn’t seem to like Ryanair much), a resident of Granollers outside Barcelona, had his wallet stolen whilst in Barcelona’s El Prat airport in April 2011. In his wallet was his DNI, or national identity card, which he was relying on to identify himself for his upcoming flight from Barcelona to Valladolid....

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New Robbery Technique: Drinks, Nicks and Leaves

January 23, 2012 6 Comments
Foto: conecta9

Thanks to “Robbed in Barcelona” collaborator Don Simon for informing us about this new scam, first seen in the wild this month in Barcelona. Don’s friend tells us his story in his own words: “I was in this bar, just having a beer, and this boy who looked like Michael MacIntryre was in the...

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Barcelona Loses Conference to Lisbon. Delegates Fear Robbery.

January 20, 2012 8 Comments
Foto: Guille Mendia

Perhaps the Mayor will pay attention to this story, because it affects the pockets of the hotel owners in Barcelona. Barcelona lost visitors, Mr Mayor, it lost visitors, bednights, airport taxes paid, taxis hired, beers bought, trinkets purchased. It lost money. Why? People were afraid of being robbed in Barcelona. Here’s the story, from...

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Victims: Tell Barcelona’s Mayor About Your Robbery Experience

January 18, 2012 11 Comments

We now provide a service – free of charge – to visitors and locals alike, whereby we send your account of your robbery experience to the Mayor of Barcelona so that he is informed about it and can take appropriate action. Please fill out this form. Often a response is received from the Mayor,...

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Car Owners in Barcelona Fight Robbery with Psychology

January 16, 2012 2 Comments

You own a car. You park it near you home. You know it’s vulnerable. It’s been broken into before. You leave nothing on the back seats, you remove the stereo, there’s no money visible, but still it gets broken into, the window smashed. What do you do? Do you try some simple psychology, maybe?...

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Barcelona’s ‘First’ Contactless Payment System Raises Concern and a Joke

January 13, 2012 9 Comments

Major credit card payments provider Visa and local Catalan bank La Caixa have partnered to launch Europe’s first citywide contactless payment system in Barcelona. More here. Quick-thinking tweeters have asked why a new one is needed when the world’s best contactless payment system – pickpocketing – is already so popular here? Whilst technological developments...

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“I Rob a Bicycle Every Day.” A Robber Speaks. Tactics Revealed.

January 13, 2012 1 Comment

Longtime “Robbed in Barcelona” collaborator Summer Fingersmith provides us with a story (*.pdf) written before most of you were born–March 2005–from El Periódico, entitled “I rob a bicycle every day.” The article highlights that back in the day two out of every five cyclists in Barcelona had had their bicycle stolen at least once. Further, for...

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Locals Sent Hundreds of Christmas Cards to Mayor to Complain About Crime

January 11, 2012 3 Comments

An initiative by “Platform Raval per Viure” has seen Barcelona’s new mayor Xavier Trias receive hundreds of identical Christmas cards. The cards display a “letters soup”, a puzzle containing various words – 12 in total – such as “Robatoris” (Robbery), “Prostitucio” (Prostitution), “Drogues” (Drugs) and “Sorroll” (Noise). They group says the words describe what...

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An iPhone Stolen in Barcelona Turns Up in Pakistan

January 9, 2012 10 Comments
Image courtesy of Google Street Maps

Barry visited Barcelona in October 2011 and had his black iPhone 4 stolen. Nothing unusual so far; we have at least 550 criminal incidents here every day. He went to a local police station and gave his details, but on returning the next day the police informed him that he hadn’t followed procedure–he hadn’t made...

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Six Robbers Arrested for Robbing Fans at Celebration of FC Barcelona’s Victory Over Real Madrid

January 3, 2012 3 Comments
Foto: David Poblador i Garcia

As reported in a recent La Vanguardia article, six robbers were arrested at a recent FC Barcelona celebration after their victory against Real Madrid. See the article here. There are few details, but it illustrates that the scourge of petty robbery no longer only affect tourists and foreigners in this city. Celebrating fans of...

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In Their Own Words. Tweets of Victims Robbed in Barcelona #3

January 1, 2012 No Comments

Here are a bunch of tweets we’ve encountered, the majority we’ve retweeted to our followers (@RiBCN). We’re including them here on the blog to preserve them from posterity. Clicking on the tweet leads to the author’s profile. The period below covers – in reverse chronological order – September 20, 2011 to December 01, 2011. [See...

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Revealed: Our Website Visitor Numbers for 2011

December 31, 2011 No Comments

So, how much informing, revealing and embarrassing did we do in 2011? (Our aims are listed here.) Robbed in Barcelona has been on Facebook since March 10th 2010, but only since April 7th 2011 have we published on this site. Since then – less than nine months – we’ve had 34,638 unique visitors to this...

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Be Vigilant for Robbery Symbols Outside Your Apartment or Building

December 30, 2011 9 Comments

Barcelona apartments are frequently supplied with A4 information sheets to pin to communal noticeboards. The sheets are usually supplied by locksmiths or removals companies to ensure their phone number is on-hand should someone in the building need it. In addition to their own phone numbers, the sheets list useful numbers such as those of...

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Guest Post: “The Unmistakable Screams of the Freshly Robbed.”

December 28, 2011 No Comments
Foto: Antonio García Rodríguez

The following is the first-hand account of a robbery in Barcelona in 2001 – yes, they were doing it back then too – this time the guy decided to do something about it. Enjoy! today i saw a bag snatching happened about 20/30 yards in front of me 2 guys on a motorbike the...

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New Barcelona Robbery Technique: “The Free Hugger”

December 27, 2011 1 Comment

As first reported by “Corporate Travel Safety” over here, there’s a new technique in play* on Las Ramblas and the surrounding streets. We’re going to give it a nifty title: “The Free Hugger.” (Thanks to Donal for telling us about it.) (* Yeah, yeah, we know you’ll all come on here now and say you’ve...

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It’s Christmas. “Treat Your Mugger Right”, we’ve been told. What do you think?

December 23, 2011 No Comments

We guess the season of goodwill has had an effect on some of our followers… A contributor to “Robbed in Barcelona” on Facebook has suggested that victims should treat their assailants more kindly, pointing to an event that took place in New York in 2008. “Julio Diaz has a daily routine. Every night, the...

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TV Interviewer Robbed Mid-Interview on Camera in Barcelona

December 21, 2011 1 Comment

You couldn’t write this stuff, really. Sitting in front of Mercat de Santa Caterina in Barcelona, a TV interviewer (on the left of shot) interviews a street musician. Mid-interview (about 30 seconds in), the musician lifts his head… he’s seen something…

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