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Robber Holds Bag With Mouth to Make Escape

September 18, 2013
Foto: Chris8800

A contribution arrived in the inbox of Robbed in Barcelona this morning and brought with it a piece of robbery artwork we hadn’t encountered in the past. Read on. Yesterday I saw what I would call a “typical robbery in Barcelona”. Tourists should be aware of these methods, they are so easy to spot…...

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Motorcyclist Yanks Cyclist from Bicycle, Steals Wet Towel

September 17, 2013

A short story related to Robbed in Barcelona this evening by email, as follows: I’m writing this on a friend’s behalf, since her English isn’t the best. I present to you one of the most horrific getting robbed in Barcelona stories I have heard lately… My friend, a petite blonde who has been living...

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Is This A Robbery HQ?

September 9, 2013

We’ve had a few tip-offs about this location on Carrer Portal Nou. Are bagsnatches planned from this first floor apartment?

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Guest Post: Thief Pulls Down Trousers To Prove Innocence

August 29, 2012
Photo: Oh Barcelona

Guest post by Robbed in Barcelona contributor, Matt I have been in Barcelona for the past week and my first experience of the thieves was when I was with a girl on the beach outside Opium. Her bag was stolen containing her camera and all her holiday photos and after two hours of searching...

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Barcelona’s Thieves En-Route to London for Olympics

July 19, 2012

Our Facebook group has been busy over the past 48 hours with updates from our fans/friends about a recent BBC report they had seen. The article and video in question, which can be seen here, is entitled “Olympics: Pickpockets show off ‘one-second theft'” The accompanying video, shows the Ronaldinho technique in action, something we’ve...

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Victim Says Hospital Failed Her to Conceal Barcelona’s Shame

April 27, 2012
Foto: iglesiaspilarin

Guestpost by Suzanne M. This is my story of how I was mugged and mistreated in Barcelona. I was with two female friends walking back to my hotel after dinner on our second day in town. I wanted to take a taxi but my friend said she was sure the neighborhood was safe. Big mistake....

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Barcelona Victim Publishes Moroccan Criminal Phone Numbers

April 25, 2012
Foto: Chris8800

Guestpost by Eli. I am saddened to read about all the bad experiences on this site, but heartened to see that people are not browbeaten by these scumbags. I, too, was robbed of my bag recently. Having first approached a policeman on a moped who just shrugged and drove off, I was advised by...

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