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Why Do Barcelona’s Thieves Love Mobile Phones So Much? #mwc12 #mwc2012

February 26, 2012
Foto: Iglesia Pilarin

There’s money in them there mobiles: For manufacturers, for network providers, for content providers, and for the thieves who snatch the handsets and sell them on. Today’s cellphones, unlike the bricks of old, are typically worth a lot on the black market – moreso the types of phones carried by Mobile World Congress delegates...

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Barcelona’s Pickpockets Will Target Mobile World Congress Attendees. 10 Essential Tips. #mwc2012

February 20, 2012
Foto by: DailyM - Differentieel - JeeeM

Delegates, welcome to this wonderful city. Watch your pockets! Barcelona is an incredible city and a perfect choice for conferences. It has just one flaw, an epidemic of pickpocketing mainly focused on tourists and visitors to the city. By following a few simple guidelines you can greatly reduce the possibility of a nasty incident...

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